Easy Ways to Reuse, Recycle and Reduce at Home


In today’s era, the general public where there is overutilization and this accompanies expanded waste which is a serious issue. Every year we reuse all the more, be that as it may, as we do this we make more rubbish. As we make this issue, few individuals are ready to help create arrangements. The three R’s formula reuse, reduce, and recycle trash eliminating the measure of waste that individuals discard. this method help ration landfill space, save normal assets, and vitality among others. also likewise help save money on cash and the land used  arrange to squander in landfills.

Button Bracelet –

Friendship day is around the corner so I am sharing  kids’ crazy little imaginations craft from waste material, this is an elastic button bracelet made with large buttons but you can use any size you want. Measure and cut the elastic to size and then thread it through the holes of the buttons. Tie a knot and a little bow at the end and that’s a ll


Bottle Craft For Vertical Garden

Materials  2-liter plastic bottle, empty and clean,Scissors , Clothesline rope

Make two holes at the bottom of the cylinder and two at the top of the bottle, DO A small hole in the bottom of the bottle. The water used to irrigate the seedling needs to drain,From that point forward, string the string through an opening and haul out through the other



We can use it by direct placing on ground if we didnt wish to hang this bottles


Plastic Bottle Caps craft

1 ) Firstly cut all plastic bottle caps and flat it like this


2) then with glue gun glue it on an thick wooden block ,wait till dry and fix


3) you can use this to store your little important things like screws,sim cards,nose pin etc



Frame with CD’S

You need to have a cardboard or any old frame ,Cut the discs into pieces of different sizes and shapes and then stick them in the frame ,To join the pieces, use black inflatable paint


 Painted Bottles

  • For this we need Wine bottles,Syringe and  oil based paint ,if kids are doing this make sure they are wearing gloves ,Clean the bottles so that it is free of grease ,Fill the syringe with paint and insert it into the bottle ,Once every corner has been covered ,place the bottle in the oven at 302 f and leave it for 40 minutes.

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