Vaadi Herbals

“Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin, We just need to keep discovering
the properties for natural healing.” “Ayurveda teaches us to love “as is” and Vaadi Herbals
herbal cosmetics using an ideal blend of Ayurveda together with modern science.

Vaadi Herbals revitalize your senses with rich herbal products experience
I tried 4 of their Products recently And wanna share my Wonderful feelings with your
1 )Vaadi Herbals Moisturizer with Pink Rose Extracts-
A skin care routine is The Lotion That Helps You Sparkle Like The Sun! Vaadi moisturizing lotion
provides the necessary nourishment to the skin cells, it is perfect for any skin type,
combination of natural emollients, pink rose and goat milk helps our skin to be moisturized longer
and make healthy and granting skin  Priced for Rs 155/- For 350ml


2 )Vaadi Herbals PINK LOTUS SHAMPOO with Honeysuckle Extract
perfect if you looking for smoother, shinier & stronger hair after every wash
An intensive care regimen for colored hair, this combination provides both, nourishment to the treated hair,
as well as protection to the color. Pink Lotus revitalizes the chemically damaged hair cells,
while preventing color from fading. Honey, being a humectant provides deep-conditioning and luster to treated hair
Lotus has unique effects on the skin and hair. Pink Lotus extracts promote regeneration
and strengthening of hair follicles thereby making hair stronger and prevent premature graying
Pink Lotus Extracts helps in re-balancing the scalp’s natural moisture
Honeysuckle is an enticing fragrance herb which proves extremely beneficial for hair care.
Chemical free shampoo Priced for Rs 155/- for 350 ml.🌷🌸

3 )Vaadi Herbals Lavender Anti Ageing Cleansing Cream
Yes, it’s true that soaps do clean your face. However,
the correction to this is that they don’t wash off all the dirt visibly;
rather they wash off ONLY the visible dirt.
They cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and cleanse it thoroughly;
nor can they unclog the pores, that are responsible for a number of skin issues;
such as blackheads, acne, and other infections. In fact, to clear off the visible dirt,
they have to be strong (or harsh) enough; and so end up stealing the natural moisture of the skin.
This again is responsible for another number of skin issues like wrinkling, flaking, itching etc.
A gentle cleansing cream, on the other hand, preserves your skin’s natural moisture;
while providing a pore-deep cleansing to your skin Lavender Oil is anti-bacterial in nature;
as such it cleanses the skin not only of dirt but kills germs also. It also removes excess sebum and dead cells from the surface. This helps the skin fight against acne, blackheads,
and whiteheads, as well as other minor skin infections.
Cleansing with this oil decongests the skin and improves blood circulation.
This allows toxins to flush out & betters supply of nutrition to cells.
It renders your skin truly clean and healthy.
The presence of linalool further makes this derivative of Lavandula officinalis,
an effective healing agent as well. Priced for Rs 152.00 for 50 gram

4 )Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Face Pack
The joined integrity of fragrance based treatment oils, of lemongrass and cedarwood,
peels your skin while delicately spoiling it. Dead cells at first glance are sloughed off,
furthermore, intemperate sleekness and contaminations are evacuated.
This clean leaves your face clear, smooth and acne-free.
perfect to perk up your skin in a week or so. I use this often Priced for Rs 210/- for 70gms

Vaadi products are really gentle for our health Do try their amazing products You will love these economic range products 
Easily available at both at Amazon, Naykaa, and Flipkart


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