Holistic Tatv Herbal Powder

skin care from holistic tatv have No harsh chemicals or parabens
and all the ingredients used are herbal
perfect for natural skin glow,i used this beauty kit for a couple of weeks
today i am sharing my experience about natural toxic free “Skin Clear Essential Kit” from Holistic Tatv
If you are facing issues such as acne, pimples, oiliness, dullness, blackheads, whiteheads, etc then
your skin need right skin care and protection to stave off these issues and keep your skin healthy
And these products are heaven for youthful look.
Let me introduce the items this kit contains No additives , no preservatives,
4 must have herbal powders, to take care of all skin concerns.
Acne-pimple, blemish, sun-tan, pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, uneven-patch skin, dull skin

1) Holistic Tatv Neem Leaf Powder -Neem has natural salicylic acid,
which prevents acne/pimple breakouts. It is a natural astringent and helps in balancing oil production.
As a natural non-abrasive exfoliant, Neem helps in unclogging pores, and control re-occurrence of blackheads
and pimple/acne.

2)Holistic Tatv Tulsi Powder-Tulsi works as a natural cleanser for skin,its anti-bacterial, antiseptic,
antioxidant and anti-aging properties helps in achieving clearer, calmer younger looking skin

3)Holistic Tatv Licorice Powder-Licorice has very effective brightening, anti-pigmentation properties,
perfect for brighter, lighter ,toned skin

4) Orange and Lime Peel Powder -Lime peel extract is known to have a higher content of Vitamin C, more than orange pulp

Licorice Powder : 40 gm , Orange & Lime Peel Powder : 40 gm , Neem Powder : 40 gm , Tulsi Powder : 40 gm
prized for 799.00 easily available at both at amazon.in and Flipkart

firnds try this natural products so that you can get rid of those annoying pimples, acne, blackheads and
regain a clearer youthful blemish-free skin and your confidence.


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