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“All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, and herbal natural products are slaver nowadays ”

if you are searching for 100% Herbal items for your home, then your inquiry closes here…!! Genuine, Herbal strategi guarantees great wellbeing, a perfect home, and a sound situation. They give top-notch characteristic items to permit you to make tracks in an opposite direction from Chemicals you use in your everyday life. All the cleaning items are produced using earth benevolent fixings and are perfect for individuals who are searching for concoction free items

from 3 weeks I am using their products and felt really good, Aroma from each & every product is enough to prove that they are natural

All the @herbalstrategi products are Nontoxic, eco-friendly and safe.


Let me introduce you with products

1. ) Just mop floor cleaner-This accompanies neem and sweet-smelling oils, makes ur home inhale naturally after you have utilized it on the floor.

2. ) Herbal liquid dish wash-It effortlessly evacuates oil and stains leaving radiantly clean dishes, glasses, and utensils with no deposit. The equation of plant removes and fragrant oils are delicate on the skin with scented organic fundamental oils.

3. ) Just Out Ant Repellent-work perfectly in repelling ants. Very safe and works wonderfully.

4. ) Herbal Room disinfectant and freshener with lemon fragrances- This makes a nice aroma in your place and makes you feel relaxed

5. ) Just Mop Glass Cleaner Spray-so easy to use, work perfectly, outstanding to collect dust in a split second and repulses bugs.

6. )  Kitchen Cleaner Spray – perfect to Cleans kitchen hobs, table tops, and all kitchen appliances

7. )  toilet and bathroom cleaner- perfect if you looking for the sparkling bathroom.

for a clean and hygiene home, i suggest you use and keep your home fresh ” A clean home is a happy home ”


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