Peesafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Take care of your body  it’s only the place you have to live in, Apart from makeup and beauty products, Today I’m Reviewing #peesafe toilet seat sanitizer spray (LAVENDER) 🌿 which will help to maintain hygiene  🍀 🍀

The item arrives in a spray form simply, it gives Mild scent which fills in as a room purifier, no more need to stress over battling open loos as Pee safe makes the activity route less demanding by slaughtering the microscopic organisms and abandoning you with a disinfected can situate.

Pee safe freshens up, disinfects for all to feel certain while utilizing open toilets. Pee Safe comprises of a rubbed IPA detailing which begins activity inside 5 seconds of the shower. Its smooth helpful outline makes it perfect for whenever used.

⚫ How to use ⚫

Shake the bottle well and spray on the toilet seat.
Wait for some seconds, your seat is hygiene now


75 Ml is priced for Rs 180/


You can easily get regular pee safe variant too on websites like Amazon, Flipkart.

Check out @peesafe ‘s official page for more Personal and hygiene care products. use healthy live Healthy 🙂


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