Skinsalad Charcoal Mask

Hello friends, I’m here again with Wonderful exciting product Today, Yes, @skinsalad the Organic Ayurvedic Cosmetic brand offer Wildcrafted skincare range. Ayurveda Inspired! they have wonder item that can haul out each one of those gross clogged pores in a single snappy and simple peel


Today I am reviewing ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Based Charcoal Mask, that is one of the hottest beauty product in the market,
Prevents Blackheads, Dust, Radical and Unwanted particles, so gentle on your skin
❤ ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Based Charcoal Mask.❤

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL mixed with XANTHAN GUM, CALENDULA, and added essentials is perfect Detox product,
Added Anti – Ageing & Anti- Acne Elements – Added Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil Extracts which makes it help bring
your skin young and full of Joy ⚫ How to use ⚫
The facemask is pretty simple to use, all you have to do is apply it to your face using your fingers,
allow it to dry onto the skin and then peel away the impurities. The mask applied can be washed off after a few minutes to reveal
that radiant and soft skin. Our activated charcoal mud mask makes facial pores appear smaller as it binds and
pulls dirt out from the


pores, making it appear smaller and less visible
Priced for Rs 499.00/- for 100gram
easily available on Amazon



⚫ Overall Review ⚫
✔safe and natural preparation
✔all-natural product with no harmful effect at all.

✔free from any chemicals

✔guarantees facial rejuvenation.

✔Easily Available
✔overall beauty with its unique abilities
✔No Stains And No Irritation
✔No Side Effects.
Try this Guys, I’m Sure You will also love it ❤
Stay Hooked for my next post

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