Enjoy a happy banking experience with SBI

The banking sector is going through a revolution with so many changes and developments that help make our lives easy. But with this ease, sometimes we have to face some challenges and have to fight with them to get the maximum benefits of various facilities.

          Information technology has brought radical changes in the banking sector. It not only helps banks to perform their day to day business but also helps the common man to access and operate his/her bank account. Now we can perform transactions on our fingertips. We all agree that with the use of Information technology in banking transaction our life is now easier and hassle-free, but there are some threats which continuously make us feel worried. In some cases, people deny to use the latest technology, they are afraid to lose their hard earned money because banking frauds are common nowadays. But we can’t accept this easy escape as an effective solution. Awareness is the key to fight such problems. And here our most favorite bank, The State bank of India helps us be Cyber Safe.

          With its awareness drive, The State Bank of India tries its best to make its customers smart and alert. Even after that if we become a victim of Fraud Banking calls then it is totally our mistake because we are not taking the advice of our bank seriously. We can’t imagine our life without ATM, Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile Banking, Internet banking; they all became essential for us. There is nothing bad about using the latest technology, but we have to keep the safety tips in our mind as well.

          Nowadays everyone uses ATM facility while using this facility we have to keep in our mind that our ATM pin must be unpredictable, try to make it difficult one, and do not write it on your ATM Card. The same thing is applicable while using Internet Banking. Your password should contain Alpha-numeric characters as well special symbols; never ignore the importance of changing the password at decent intervals.

           Keeping our ATM Pin, IPIN safe is necessary for safe banking, try to hide keypad while entering your ATM Pin, and always use the virtual keyboard while accessing your Internet banking from someone else’s device. Try to use a trusted network for Internet connection, especially while performing banking transactions. Avoid using Free or Public Wi-Fi.


          One more common mistake that has been made by many of us is, we share our important details easily. Our password, Card Number, ATM pin are not a piece of cake which should be shared. We all should be aware of this fact that Banks never calls us to ask such personal information. So, whenever you get any call and state that they are calling from the Bank and want to know your ATM Pin, OTP, Card Number or other details, do not believe them, it is a fraud call. Don’t answer any question.

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