Philips GoPure car air purifier was launched in 2015 for Indian market by Philips lumileds. According to reports the pollutants inside your car is three times more compared to the conditions on road. Taking this into account Philips launched its in car purifier called GoPure compact 110.

According to a research people are very rarely aware about the pollutants inside their car even when the windows is shut. This purifier is available in market and even on-line also. This is the best solution for fresh and healthy air in our cars as it is a unique 3- stage filtration technology. Its helps in reducing odorous in 3 stages, with the HEPA and HEWSA layers  working together for  fast purification power.

Due to the harmful air quality as it contains dust, pollen, harmful gases,viruses etc. human body gets highly affected leading  to diseases related to lungs and a temporary suffocation which can lead to some serious problems.

So, this purifier filters all the minute harmful particles keeping us healthy and safe.Now a days few Meru cabs have been used for branding purpose in Delhi,Bangalore and Mumbai. These cabs have these GoPure car air purifier placed on the front seat headrest so that the product is visible to the customer. And a flap is also there to provide a brief knowledge about it .As per customers experience , they are asked to share their reviews about their  Gopure experience on Facebook and twitter.

As its perfect and has a sleek design, it does not take much space and can be adjusted as per your demand and convenience. It has a great effect in just 15 minutes.

This product is considered to be one of the best air purifiers used in Indian cars and works efficiently. Many people after experiencing it in Meru have thought and opted for it.

This product is exclusively available on Amazon:

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