“after all who is this CEO”.


CEO – What are you thinking about? What does the term CEO mean to you? Is this the person whom you have never interacted with? Or is this the person who is always on the floor to chat with? Or is this the person you want to one day become? Well, these are the questions every employee can relate to. Isn’t it wonderful to think about the person responsible for our self welfare? Or is it? You have to answer these questions. Yes, you read it right – YOU have the right to choose your #IndiasMostLovedCEO.

 Who do you think is our most beloved CEO? Who will win the top spot? This honor is beyond imagination! And guess what, it is you who will choose! Awesome, right? This is the first time such an initiative has been taken and the success of this are in your hands! You are our real heroes!

 It’s always been the case that everyone opts for the top spot and this is one is where no one can predict the outcome till we have reached the end of this! Every point counts and it is such an excitement galore! The name of the winner will reverberate throughout and we will be part of it! We together with you are actually making history and that is what matters!

 India is a democratic country and this is why we are getting this wonderful opportunity to choose a CEO who is dynamic, a hero, and importantly most loved!  Do you need to know what you have to do? Just take a look at http://indiasmostlovedceo.com/ and make a choice! That’s it! By doing this bag a chance to be featured on the website and win exciting prizes like MOTO G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers! Let us make together make this initiative a huge success! Lift off!

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