Vodafone U- Especially Its for Youth like Us


Vodafone India has announced a unique proposition Vodafone ‘U’ – a first of its kind, lifestyle proposition designed especially for young Indians. Technology has levelled the playing field, opening up remarkable opportunities for young people making the information age truly come alive. Hence it is necessary to target the youth and impress them. Vodafone has made the first and wonderful step towards enabling this.

The dependence on mobile phones has increased exponentially. For this data pack becomes vital which Vodafone U has looked into carefully and has come up with special data plans. We want to stay connected with our besties all the time as we have lots to talk always! For this Vodafone has introduced to new tariff rates when we speak to our three best besties with Vodafone network. What can better relax our mind than listening to music on the go or when you are bored or whenever you need, right? For this too Vodafone has given us the functionality of downloading the music from Vodafone music library. These are the features every youth dreams of and hats off to Vodafone to have come up with this great and awesome experience!

You might be wondering, how do we get all these features right? Well, it is very easy. Download the Vodafone app and enable Vodafone U segment. The app will also allow them to segment and choose their data consumption pattern and pay accordingly for it. And if they run out of data, they can get a data credit of 60 MB which will be debited when they next top up their account. The company is offering special night allowance to youngsters to browse the internet.

With the features you will be able to enjoy:

  • Fun, Always on– Enjoy Internet, Calls, Music, Experiences
  • Catching up, always on – Call 3 of your closest Vodafone buddies @20p/min
  • Surfing, always on – Get lots of data and a data loan if you run out
  • Music, always on – Enjoy free downloads from Vodafone Music for 60 days


Youngsters can always have #FunWithU Vodafone. You guys know what we want! Now we young patrons of Vodafone ‘U’ will always be connected with friends and have fun via the world of internet, voice, music plus exciting digital offers and experiences. It has become Connector, Enabler and Entertainer. Thank You



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