E-Kavach – Digital Parenting Applicatio

News stories of a three-year old calling hospital to save a dying parent or of a teenager shooting teachers startle us over what children can now do to help and harm others. Kindergarten teachers speak admiringly of bright-eyed five-year olds who sing the lyrics of the latest rap song or tap out a note to the teacher on their parent’s computer.

Thinking – The capacity to reflect, reason, and draw conclusions based on our experiences, knowledge, and insights. It’s what makes us human and has enabled us to communicate, create, build, advance, and become civilized. Thinking encompasses so many aspects of who our children are and what they do, from observing, learning, remembering, questioning, and judging to innovating, arguing, deciding, and acting.


here is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental The uncertain reality is that, with this new technological frontier in its infancy and developments emerging at a rapid pace, we have neither the benefit of historical hindsight nor the time to ponder or examine the value and cost of these advancements in terms of how it influences our children’s ability to think.

Parents and children also have to cope with technological changes. Experts point to how media has made it possible for children to consider adult ideas and behaviors. Researchers cite statistics about soaring rates of alcoholism, sexual activity, drug use, and teenage violence to show that distinctions between adulthood and childhood are fading. Moreover, exposure to video games, mobile phones, texting, and other nanosecond communication devices have altered attention spans in both positive and negative ways. It is these conditions in mall-dominated urban areas and low-income neighborhoods that shape what children think and do.


To help eradicate all the negative impact on children’s life, a new app calledE-Kavach has risen and helped parents to look into their children’s activity on the web.

It has amazing features which really cause a child to look into the right content and parent’s best interests. It has

  • Real-time filtering technology gives us insight into your child’s online activity.
  • We would know what applications our child is using and what these application are used for.
  • They have access control to use and easy to configure controls to customize each child’s internet experience.
  • Real time alerts
  • Real time notifications to your phone the moment any boundaries set by you have been breached by your child
  • Safe search options to filter out adult content.

They have some amazing features also coming up:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • SMS and Call Monitoring
  • Cyber bullying Protection
  • IM & Chat Room Monitoring

Go to http://www.yourekavach.com/ for knowing the pricing plans. Install the app and live stress-free, children safeties emphasized life and secure your children’s future and positive growth.

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