Airtel 4G – Mesmerising, Beautiful and Awesome 4G Network

When you are working as Journalist, it is very important that you have access to internet to travel through remote places, search maps to get guided, upload videos of sensational news, tweet about the experiences, and connect with people. For me this was a nightmare until I experienced Airtel 4G. It came in as a blessing to me and my job was never this easy.


I had been to remote village of Kodlahalli in Bangalore where festival of the village was to be shot by camera crew. Prior to this documentary, i had bought Airtel 4G for my phone. This was one time experience and we could not miss it for anything in the world. My Job was to make a documentary of the festival and send it to my team for them to host it on TV. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately our camera and computer was misplaced and we had no means to shoot the documentary and send it to team.


The first thing that came to my mind was to shoot the documentary on my phone and send it to my team. Although I had my doubts about this, I was hoping that Airtel would comply with its values – “ALIVE, INCLUSIVE, And RESPECTFUL”. When i finished my documentary, i immediately started uploading thinking that it will take minimum of 2 hours to upload. But to my absolute surprise, the video was uploaded in 30 minutes. I was awestruck to learn that my upload time had been reduced three times and the quality of the video sent was also very good. Airtel did not only help me do my Job but it earned my loyalty forever.



When I came back from the village, I was well appreciated at job, Thanks to My Airtel 4G network. The next thing I did was I recommended everyone in my office to go for Airtel 4G network, I explained them how Airtel saved my documentary and I upgraded my house connection to Airtel 4G.
My life was enriched and the experience provided by Airtel was exceptional.  Thank You Airtel, YOU ARE THE BEST!!

I would recommend everyone reading this blog to purchase Airtel 4G network and get mesmerised by Airtel 4G’s speed and dexterity. My experience has spoken for itself and if you need more assurance, Lets watch this video:


Here I am sharing few experiment which I did with my Airtel 4G speed test, After look into this I feel you would definitely going to try this, We all look for better connectivity and yeah Airtel 4G is solution for all.


Happy Airtel 4G Experience.

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