All Out Initiative:Save our family from Dengue

As the world gets more advanced every day in the field of healthcare, the mosquito borne dengue fever has become pivotal research point for the organizations fighting against this deadly disease. In India alone, there were 20,500 cases of Dengue were detected. It is vital to spread the awareness about this disease as it is our duty to make our nation a Dengue free country. This understates that as a developing country with population of 1.2 billion, we can make this cause of eradicating dengue fever a huge triumph!

Although, this seems easy to say, it is very difficult to achieve unless we are given a right platform to showcase our intent for our cause.

Fortunately, the solution for this problem comes readily with SC Johnson – The Makers of well know brand of All OUT. They have given the country which has 75% Youth among its population a right podium to demonstrate their fight against perilous disease.

“Save your family from Dengue” running as #SavePayal on twitter has become the national psalm given by All Out. A young girl named Payal, a 12 year old from Jaipur has joined the campaign after being inspired to help and fight against it when she saw her friend suffering from dengue, a painful experience. Please watch this video to understand what it will mean to you when you join such selfless activity from All Out: .
Show your support by ‘Save your family from Dengue’ campaign. Call 1 800 180181818 which is a toll-free number to pledge your assistance. You can also visit their website to know more about this wonderful initiative.
Show your physical support by joining the main call to action for this campaign to pledge your support to donate blood. As we know – Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life!
Here are the titbits from the website –

The basic techniques can be used to prevent Dengue fever:
1) Please do not allow water to be stagnant, so that mosquitos can stop breeding in that.
2) Use All Out products such as:
a. Mosquito repellent lotions
b. Liquid electric mosquito repellent
c. Mosquito aerosol
d. Mosquito coil

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