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We have numerous approaches to travel. Road,Air and Water. Each has its own personality and distinction.Some like to go by Road, some via Air and some through Water.It relies on upon their inclination and choice.They likewise have their own form or purpose behind it.

In the event that you ask me, which one would you prefer,I would answer right away – Road.

Why Road?

It is a way where I feel is all that much associated with Mother EARTH. I can get the opportunity to see different people,culture,landscapes,so on et cetera which is unrealistic on the off chance that I go via Air or Water where I feel disengaged for those numerous number of hours,I travel.

Presently going to my website – My Perfect Road Trip!!!

This is something I needed so impart to whatever is left of the world for a long time and I at long last had found the opportunity. My ideal Road Trip comprises of taking after fixings which we would see first and afterward hop into it in subtle element :- )

Place – Singapore to MalaysiaVehicle – Mercedes Benz “B” Class

Individuals – Family(Mom,Dad & Wife)

Music – Mixture of Light and Pop Music(mostly made by Maestro Illayaraja and AR Rehman)

Now,I will let you know in insight about how to blend the above fixings to cook,Sorry,to make an impeccable Trip :- )

The motivation behind why I had chosen Singapore to Malaysia is on the grounds that they both are neighboring nations and can be joined by each of the 3 method for transport. I took Road in light of the fact that it is a lovely extend which at first keeps running over the sea and after that we get submerged into Rainforests of Malaysia. You get VISA on Arrival in Malaysia in the event that you haven’t got both the VISA(Singapore & Malaysia)done on the same time. The street travel takes give or take 3 to 3.5 hours. It is an excellent adventure as you would be lost in the nature’s magnificence and when I went on this street surprisingly in 2007, it sort of recalled our Kerala and I got so lost in the excellence of it that I didn’t even give careful consideration to the music.

The woodland is thick to the point that you get characteristic air and one can feel it.If you need to feel this freshness, you ought to say “No” to your ventilation system on your vehicle and breathe in the normal air which is more solid. The motivation behind why I had chosen Mercedes Benz “B” Class is straightforward. On the off chance that you are going on the best streets in the world(remember Malaysia is known for its Rubber Roads which is known for Quality and Durability Worldwide),to make the most of its genuine quality and feel, you have to go in the Best Car else you would not feel the beat.

When I go in Mercedes Benz “B” Class,it gives me and my family total solace and security and would make us feel that we are just about on to our way to the Paradise skimming out and about without breaking a sweat and since it likewise known for its fuel proficiency in its classification, it won’t dirty the earth like the others since I make it a point that when I am appreciating the excellence of the Nature,I ought to abandon it the way it is and not to contaminate it and make it look monstrous…

I would go with my family since I am honored with a decent family who are amazingly understanding and steady. My guardians are my closest companions and henceforth they have effectively supplanted “F-R-I-E-N-D-S” and I have no second thoughts for that,whatsoever.

Coming to Music. I cherish music type of A R Rehman though my guardians like Illayaraja. So I will play the melodies in a blend yet as I said earlier,I would be appreciating the excellence of the nature a great deal more than the tunes and henceforth this is not a need for me.

I haven’t touched sustenance since the separation nor the time taken is immaterial. Obviously we would have our nourishment preceding leaving Singapore in one of the eateries in little India or in Komalas and once coming to Malaysia, we would end our street trip with a tasty Murtapa :- )

Trust you preferred the fixings being blended in the right extent to concoct my “Ideal Road Trip” and would be happy to listen to

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