Plum Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash Review


Each chocolate-crazy like me can swear by the quote above and I have been trusting it religiously ever. My conviction got firmer when an adequately looking skin-accommodating item i.e. Plum Choco-latte Luxuriant Body Wash  arrived at me yesterday. because like my common practice, when I began perusing the nitty gritty information on the item pack, seeing the same wordings composed there left me all interested

On the off chance that you have perused list on “PLUM” scope of items, then you will know the extent to why I love their items. So here are my perspectives on Plum Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash.


Price: 380 INR for 200 ml

Look n Feel of Packaging :

The Plum Choco-latte Creamy Body Wash arrives in a tough plastic fluid allocate pump jug of sort of exceptionally pale white-tan shade with locking cut that can be pivoted clockwise for locking n can be turned against clockwise for opening. The introductory release for the first utilize turns out as a part of 3-4 pumps with as enough amount needed for one time use.


Ingredients To Make You Chocolaty

Plum, with its short yet genuine slogan “Be Good”, guarantees to enjoy our fragile skin into decency of really life-accommodating n common fixings in all their items. Same is valid for Choco-latte Creamy Body Wash as well, which is figured with  Creamy Base

Sodium Laureth Sulphate

A gentle surfactant utilized as a part of face washes, shower gels and shampoos, including the infant mixture. Not to be mistaken for SLS!

Cocamidopropyl brtaine

Mellow frothing compound with an unnecessarily long name. Standard installation in most mellow items.


A sheltered, characteristic cream, brings about skin that is gentler to touch

Everything that is inside

Aqua ( Water ) , Cocamide DEA , Cocamidopopyl Betaing, Ethylhexylglycerin,FDA Approved Colours ,Fragrance,Glycerin,Glycol Stearate,Phenoxyethanol,Sodium Laureth Sulphate

Diving profound into the finest subtle elements of fixings, it got demonstrated why the Founder of Plum had cited with incredible pride that “Integrity & learning have one astonishing thing in like manner: the more you give, the more you get.”

Non Acceptable Things

Plum entirely abstains from utilizing certain fixings as a part of its items which are hurtful and poisonous for human skin like parabean, SLS, DEA or engineered scents and so forth. Their dedication towards safe fixings can be perused here.

My Lovable Moments With Plum Choco-lATTE  Creamy Body Wash

My skin is normally hungry for more n more dampness round the clock n as the year progressed. Better believe it… its needs to be bolstered with better nature of sustenance in great amount 😉 Plum’s Chololatte Creamy body Wash came as an issue answer for dryness of my skin.
Opposing the allurement to lick the velvety textured and flavorfully fragrant Body Wash was undoubtedly an undertaking when I took out few drops on my palm surprisingly. Thankfully!! Plum asserts it to be “entirely unpalatable”  😉 After its application on my skin, I was under the persistent impression as though a steaming hot cuppa drinking chocolate is lying alongside me and I wound up inhaling my wrist truly a couple times while being occupied with my work  😉
checking my arms’ upper half oftentimes for those indications of ordinary li’l dry fixes that are by and large noticeable in few hours in the wake of washing, yet Plum kept its guarantee of goodness flawlessly, as there was no indication of dryness much following 6-7 hours.
The Body Wash consistency is not watery flimsy, rather like a gel it quietly stays on your palm till you rub it with uncovered active your outside skin. The exceptionally pale earthy toned moisturizer gets retained into skin truly quick without leaving that typical sparkly, oily layer on the top. It avoids skin breakout likewise on the grounds that the dampness is secured the skin by the utilization of liberal amount of cocoa spread as a dynamic fixing.
I would propose Plum Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash for all skin sorts as it doesn’t contain any unsafe chemicals. One jug will go far so the estimating is advocated.

Pros :

1. Monetarily estimated
2. Travel well disposed bundling
3. Heavenly cocoa aroma
4. Foams well
5. Does not dry out skin
6. No unsafe fixings

Cons :

1) A bit extravagant for Rs. 380 for 200 ml (yet who won’t be prepared to pay few additional pennies if the certification of sound young skin goes along)
2) Just accessible online and not at physical stores.
My general thought is that Plum’s Chocolatte creamy Body Wash can not just repair your dry skin amid unforgiving winter, however its sufficiently light to bring all of you the path through hot summers as well. The high one gets from consuming or drinking chocolates can now doubtlessly be appreciated by wearing a layer of chocolatte on your skin (in the event that you are so calorie-cognizant;) ) I’m myself caught to its fixation now 🙂
Presently, I’ve discovered joy for my skin. In the event that you are persuaded on compensating your skin with a skin-safe n characteristic body salve, you can essentially experience Plum’s flawless item go on their site here  or can simply SMS PLUM on 56161 to take direction from their counsels

Rating :

Plum Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash is bundled in a hazy container having pump bundling. The pump has a locking framework. So regardless of the fact that you are going with this item you don’t need to stress over any spillage. The body wash has a medium consistency. The minute you take out the body wash for utilization, you will perceive an extremely enticing and scrumptious cocoa aroma. Full stamps to that!
(Items which are natural dependably get full focuses from me!) 🙂

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